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Sizing Kits

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  • Limit 2 per order 
  • Sizing kits will automatically include sizes 00 and 000, as well as half sizes (for #4-6), as they become available. If your Sizing Kit doesn't include them, it's because Aprés unfortunately does not make them yet for certain shapes/lengths.
  • Sizing may vary for different shapes/lengths so please order a Sizing Kit for each shape/length that you plan on ordering sets inGetting the perfect fit ensures your press-ons will look natural and also will keep them from popping off or pinching
  • For lipstick shaped nails, please select a long or extra long coffin sizing kit. They are the tips I use to file/shape into lipstick. The fit will be the exact same
  • Apres Gel-X tips may run differently in size than other brands. If you're experienced in wearing press-ons but are unsure what brand you've used in the past, I strongly recommend ordering a sizing kit just to be safe.


  • Note: Refunds and returns are not offered for sizing issues so please be sure of your sizes before ordering.
  • Visit the FAQ for more info.